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Is your dryer suddenly failing to produce heat, not holding a hot enough temperature, leaving your clothes damp or not working at all?

Any issue is an easy fix for our qualified dryer repair specialists. Get in touch today to have your dryer repaired by an affordable service provider out of Tampa FL that you can actually trust. Throw us your worst and we’ll handle it. We’ve taken apart thousands of dryer units over the years and know how to fix any problem. If it’s a regular issue, we might even finish the repair during the same visit as our vehicles come equipped with various common replacement dryer parts.

We work on all dryer brands including Armana, Hotpoint, Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool, etc. We can fix smart dryers / Wi-Fi enabled machines, commercial units, coin-operated dryers and more. Our go-to parts shops also carry plenty stock when it comes to dryer parts - which includes a variety of parts for both commercial and residential machines.

How does it all work? You give us a call, let us know your availability and select a time that works for your diagnostics appointment. We will send our technician out at that time to perform the diagnosis and give you a quote. We can go ahead with your repair from here and quickly get it done if requested to do so.

Get your repair started right now. Contact us at (813) 532-3110 to set a time for one of our dryer repair experts to visit you!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Curious if there is a way to speed up your drying times? If your dryer is running very slowly and takes an hour or more to properly dry even a small load, chances are there is an actual problem that needs to be fixed. You should always try some basic maintenance first, in case the major sign of trouble is purely cosmetic and not due to an unavoidable problem. Start by clearing the ventilation system out, emptying the lint trap, vacuuming inside the trap chute, etc. Also, access the blower wheel and vacuum it out.


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